Monday, July 25, 2016

Non Dairy Ice Red Bean Ice Cream

I scream you scream, most of us scream for dairy free ice cream. Wanting something dairy-free is at the top of the list for ice cream, but not enough when you have a banana hater, right?
So when I discovered coconut milk can be whipped to coconut cream. I had a Yurika moment. The thing is the coconut milk has to have full fat...for a plant based food, that sounds weird. I quickly learned not all coconut milk is created equally.
First rule of business is Goya is so off my list! Soo I did some research. I don't like additives. It's why I make my own stuff, because I can cut all if not most of them out. Then I get to experience real taste, the authentic flavor that's hidden behind additives, preservative etc.
Now I can give that experience. In any flavor...Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla with mash-ins like nuts, candies and syrups. Syrups I make, that have no dairy in them at all, with the beauty of choosing flavors that please the pallet of the picky eater crew.
Angel Wong is the genie, that I learned the recipe for whipping coconut into cream, in this video. I really love her simplicity for whipping up A Red Bean Parfait, Another one of my favorite treats. There are so many elements to the parfait but my focus was how she makes the ice cream.

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