Modeling Chocolate Succulants

Hen and Chick and other Succulents

I've really been interested in succulents for sometime. I'm not one to be as nurturing with plants as with people. I'm willing to learn though. I found some really interesting ways decorators have created them in cake form. 
Rachel of Kawaii Sweet world always has the cutest ways to bake and decorate. Below is her video for Cacti cupcakes...I love the flowery accents.

With chocolate modeling clay once it's softened by your hand kneading. The petals need a sit down to cool. If need be just no more than 1-2 minutes in the refrigerator.

Tools: Ball tools and the bench scrapper or spatulas... 
 A round 5 petal cutter in graduating sizes.
You'll also want to have a 
cutting board/silpat and a bit of cornstarch.

On the left I used a ball tool, but the right I just pinched the point
and pressed the shape I wanted for the succulents. 
When I make the other four,  I will let them cool upside down
on the back side of the these shappers. 
I want to create these in miniature using gum paste combined with  modeling chocolate, to give the plant more stability and flexibility to shape it more realistically.

I found an easy to follow tutorial on  Pixel Whisk  
by Seton Rosinni posts Gumpaste Succulants that look very realistic.

I hope you try your hand at succulants in candy form or any form..a lot of fun.

Happy Chocolate Monday


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