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Mexican Hat: Marigold Flowers

the main things you'll need is ; gum paste or a
mixture with modeling chocolate, cornstarch and flower cutters to start. Theme: Marigolds for flowerbed sheet cakes
The best part about gum paste is it hardens fast almost like porcelain, that’s also the downside.
Working quickly and storing clay you aren’t working with keeps it from drying out.
Just adding a little modeling chocolate or fondant will give a softer result.  
The resting spot for flowers isan egg carton or spoon tray. Turn the flowers upside down on a small piece of a cotton ball.
List of Supplies Gumpaste and Modeling chocolate Ratio 2 to 1 Cornstarch Marigold, 5 petal or calix or other flower cutters in various sizes for layering Foam mat set Ball tools Medium to small clay rolling pin or roller,

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