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12 days of Christmas

I love the Twelfth Day of Christmas Song,I must have been looking for the words last year when I found a blogger who asked other bloggers to make Cookies for each day of the song. Anyone who was brought up celebrating Christmas and played a part in Christmas pageants knows the tune to this song, but the words? Each bloggers vision for the cookies to correspond to this song, captured the spirit of giving. I thought it was deserving of an Anchor!

You must drop by, it will inspire you with your own cookie decorating this year.

If you want a festive little cookie and you're oven is on the fritz or something crazy like that! Here is a cookie that you make on the stove. The dairy is easily replaceable with coconut or other non-dairy milks. The red cherries and nuts make it a very festive cookie that's easy to whip up in a few min. If you have an allergy to nuts try crispy wheat or rice puff.  I hope you …

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