Monday, July 25, 2016

Non Dairy Ice Red Bean Ice Cream

I scream you scream, most of us scream for dairy free ice cream. Wanting something dairy-free is at the top of the list for ice cream, but not enough when you have a banana hater, right?
So when I discovered coconut milk can be whipped to coconut cream. I had a Yurika moment. The thing is the coconut milk has to have full fat...for a plant based food, that sounds weird. I quickly learned not all coconut milk is created equally.
First rule of business is Goya is so off my list! Soo I did some research. I don't like additives. It's why I make my own stuff, because I can cut all if not most of them out. Then I get to experience real taste, the authentic flavor that's hidden behind additives, preservative etc.
Now I can give that experience. In any flavor...Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla with mash-ins like nuts, candies and syrups. Syrups I make, that have no dairy in them at all, with the beauty of choosing flavors that please the pallet of the picky eater crew.
Angel Wong is the genie, that I learned the recipe for whipping coconut into cream, in this video. I really love her simplicity for whipping up A Red Bean Parfait, Another one of my favorite treats. There are so many elements to the parfait but my focus was how she makes the ice cream.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

National Ice Cream Day.

What is your favorite flavor? Rocky Road, French Vanilla?

If you haven't seen the Ice Cream Show, it's a partial historical video of Ice Cream in America, it is one of my favorites documentaries.

Here  is my first installment for Ice Cream month today being the beginning of the Celebration of one of my favorite treats.

Non-Dairy and Vegan Recipe: Originally One Ingredient Ice Cream from Kitchen Explorers
1 frozen banana
1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1/8 cup coconut or almond milk (optional)
Blend the banana and cocoa powder in a standing blender. Add a splash of non-dairy milk, if desired, for easier blending. (You can also add a spoon of peanut or other nut butter, maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla extract).
Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 1

Chocolate Banana with Chocolate Syrup and mint

Friday, July 15, 2016

Dark and White Almond Butter Cups

 Last weeks I made Almond Butter.
So I tempered white and dark chocolate for
Almond Butter cups. Just what I wanted.

mini cups filled 1/2 way with a almond butter nugget
I love the glazed sheen of Chocolate don't you

25 min. After Chilling

So It's hot...these are quite melty once in your hand. I ate three, before a thought just popped in my head.  I love Ice cream mash-ins. What a treasure to find pieces of these in a really good vanilla ice cream. Then again add marshmallows in a chocolate Ice Cream you have Rocky Road... Bon Appetit! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Modeling Chocolate Succulants

Hen and Chick and other Succulents

I've really been interested in succulents for sometime. I'm not one to be as nurturing with plants as with people. I'm willing to learn though. I found some really interesting ways decorators have created them in cake form. 
Rachel of Kawaii Sweet world always has the cutest ways to bake and decorate. Below is her video for Cacti cupcakes...I love the flowery accents.

With chocolate modeling clay once it's softened by your hand kneading. The petals need a sit down to cool. If need be just no more than 1-2 minutes in the refrigerator.

Tools: Ball tools and the bench scrapper or spatulas... 
 A round 5 petal cutter in graduating sizes.
You'll also want to have a 
cutting board/silpat and a bit of cornstarch.

On the left I used a ball tool, but the right I just pinched the point
and pressed the shape I wanted for the succulents. 
When I make the other four,  I will let them cool upside down
on the back side of the these shappers. 
I want to create these in miniature using gum paste combined with  modeling chocolate, to give the plant more stability and flexibility to shape it more realistically.

I found an easy to follow tutorial on  Pixel Whisk  
by Seton Rosinni posts Gumpaste Succulants that look very realistic.

I hope you try your hand at succulants in candy form or any form..a lot of fun.

Happy Chocolate Monday

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Very Happy Fourth of July

We brought our own sunshine yesterday
Even though we didn't have blue skies...
Blue lips anyone? My daughter's were.
Well she had to test these out. The demerara sugar
gives you a deeper hue of blue...and you still get the 
same delicious taste of chocolate covered berries. 

I had to add my flair to Celebrating my Grandmother's birthday, and  living in the USA,  with a Strawberry and Blue-
berry ice cream red velvet cake. Even with my freezer not freezing properly, this little wonder came together very nicely. Especially with the irresistible milk chocolate ganache. The seal of Approval was when my grandmother
said, "This is Goood!" 

Modeling Chocolate: Roses

For the next few entries I will post a few tips on making flower toppers. For me the hardest flower to make was the rose. I learned in a bakery using gum paste. You have to work in somewhat dry conditions and work very quickly. One day I'd ruined a petal and the owner told me just to pinch a piece of gum paste and shape it by hand. I was nervous at first but, I'd watched her do this several times and she put so much confidence in me that I believed I could do it too. Up to that point I'd only used cutters. Long after my experience their I loved taking pictures of flowers. I began to see them differently than before. Roses seemed to appear everywhere terraces, the parks, yards, roadsides. Yellow and white are my favorite color, but I usually work with pink...until I discover another way to color with a natural delicious red.

I rolled these small balls to 
make  petals or center
When using modeling chocolate there's
no need to cover them as you would strait
gum paste...depending on the ratio. More details here
The balls can be used for centers and covered with flattend
petals, As demonstrated by Dawn Mehaan, for Chocolate Monday Notes here.
once you decide how you'll make your center
roll the petals around the center to form a bud
using these techniques by Edna De la Cruz


With just modeling chocolate you need to put the
rose down to cool from your hands quite a bit. So if
you have to stop at petal 4...stop.
I used toothpicks to hold them so the roses could
fold over and open nicely.

Two toned wild rose

My first try with soft candy chews

White chocolate flower on top of icing leaves

A combination, blue and white roses
traditional and wild fantasy flowers
I love tootsie rolls for flowers, because even though it took time
 to smooth to a pliable consistency the result of the petals is
smoother, not as melt in your hands, as the modeling chocolate.
Both have their benefits.

There are many ways to make a rose, and a tremendous array of roses to try. Free hand does take practice...Cutters can give smoother edges, experiment with piping tips and pinching techniques. I like my flowers to mimic nature and nature is perfect because of imperfections. When a petal I'm creating has a tiny split I realized this is a natural occurrence with the real flowers .
Next time I'll post about succulents. I'm very excited about succulents, because I love a plant that is tough enough to live in extreme conditions. Bonus succulents may even survive in my care.

BB(Best Blog)
Elizabeth of Sugar Hero- Chocolate Rose Cupcakes
a simple demonstration on how to make a lovely topper for I'm looking forward to trying the Rose Buttercream recipe, so decadent looking.

Edna De la Cruz Design me a Cake You'll find really good demo's on a bunch of different flowers. With really good camera shots so you can see what she's doing.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A little Sweet, 4th of July Inspirations

May God continue to bless America. Have a Happy Independence Day.

Now you're free to choose which of the treats you'll serve for your celebration...Have fun!

Very simple and creative inspirations at Moguai Soup

Wenderly. I love the Name of this blog
And these marshmallow pops are very

23 4th of July
These cupcakes are my favorite
because of the color and variety

Pittsburg Needs Eated Blog offered up this recipe
Classy and fresh this is Similar to what I'm going for
for the Pool Party
This is a no brainer...cup cake, frosting, jelly beans or other red and blue colored candies. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Completed Cake for Buttercream Tramsfer

Can't get to that Wilton Class? Here's a solution....this Video is so detailed!
The Best Part of Susan's video is she takes you from start to finish with the transfer
on the cake, not to mention all the key pointers that makes the finished product look so nice, like the pros.