Modeling Chocolate: Roses

For the next few entries I will post a few tips on making flower toppers. For me the hardest flower to make was the rose. I learned in a bakery using gum paste. You have to work in somewhat dry conditions and work very quickly. One day I'd ruined a petal and the owner told me just to pinch a piece of gum paste and shape it by hand. I was nervous at first but, I'd watched her do this several times and she put so much confidence in me that I believed I could do it too. Up to that point I'd only used cutters. Long after my experience their I loved taking pictures of flowers. I began to see them differently than before. Roses seemed to appear everywhere terraces, the parks, yards, roadsides. Yellow and white are my favorite color, but I usually work with pink...until I discover another way to color with a natural delicious red.

I rolled these small balls to 
make  petals or center
When using modeling chocolate there's
no need to cover them as you would strait
gum paste...depending on the ratio. More details here
The balls can be used for centers and covered with flattend
petals, As demonstrated by Dawn Mehaan, for Chocolate Monday Notes here.
once you decide how you'll make your center
roll the petals around the center to form a bud
using these techniques by Edna De la Cruz


With just modeling chocolate you need to put the
rose down to cool from your hands quite a bit. So if
you have to stop at petal 4...stop.
I used toothpicks to hold them so the roses could
fold over and open nicely.

Two toned wild rose

My first try with soft candy chews

White chocolate flower on top of icing leaves

A combination, blue and white roses
traditional and wild fantasy flowers
I love tootsie rolls for flowers, because even though it took time
 to smooth to a pliable consistency the result of the petals is
smoother, not as melt in your hands, as the modeling chocolate.
Both have their benefits.

There are many ways to make a rose, and a tremendous array of roses to try. Free hand does take practice...Cutters can give smoother edges, experiment with piping tips and pinching techniques. I like my flowers to mimic nature and nature is perfect because of imperfections. When a petal I'm creating has a tiny split I realized this is a natural occurrence with the real flowers .
Next time I'll post about succulents. I'm very excited about succulents, because I love a plant that is tough enough to live in extreme conditions. Bonus succulents may even survive in my care.

BB(Best Blog)
Elizabeth of Sugar Hero- Chocolate Rose Cupcakes
a simple demonstration on how to make a lovely topper for I'm looking forward to trying the Rose Buttercream recipe, so decadent looking.

Edna De la Cruz Design me a Cake You'll find really good demo's on a bunch of different flowers. With really good camera shots so you can see what she's doing.


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