Two method:Flower Demo

First I want to say, Happy Chocolate Monday
for the New Year!
Second  I want to give a little demo of how to make a rose using modeling Chocolate with a bit of Gum paste. I wanted to try this mix because, I learned that gum paste can make the chocolate a bit thinner. So I wanted to try it and show how it came out using the ball method I learned here and the method I learned making more tailored flowers at Sugar Flower Cake Shop..but combining them.  So let's begin.

Method #1 Tools you'll need... for the ball and fingers press and smoothing method
  • clean cool fingers ;)
  • a plastic cutting board or 
  • cutting mat used for sewing
  • 20 g modeling Chocolate
  • 12 g of gumpaste ( a total 32g clay)
  • small offset spatula

Using 12g of gumpaste to 20g of modeling Chocolate, you should have 32 g.
Combine the two mediums together to get a uniform color. Then separate
the balls into 16 equal size balls .Then press the balls flat and
smooth one side. This flattened side is the top of your petal.
1st. first petal becomes the bud
2nd placing and wrapping the secon
The second petal covers the bud

From left to right "gently" with your offset spatula pick up one of the petals,
then roll it in on itself creating a bud like funnel. Once you've done this you
may need to put the chocolate mixed clay down, because of the
heat of your hand. You may want to create others while
 the first bud rests. After it rests for a few min.
Pick it up again and take another of your flattened petals,
place and wrap it at the opening crease of your bud.
Try to center it in the petal as seen in the middle picture above.
Then finally roll the petal around your bud. let it rest.

The petals of a rose are odd numbered sets, 1 for the center but then 3, 5 and 7 for that large rose and so forth for a mojumbo rose!

the result varies on how rustic or tailored
the rose looks. This example
is more rustic in the petal aren't as
tapered smooth because I believe
the clay was too thin and the heat of my hand too.
Method # 2 Tools you'll need for ....ball tool and cutter method
five petal cutter

  • clean cool fingers ;)
  • a plastic cutting board or 
  • cutting mat used for sewing
  • a medium ball tool
  • medium to large five petal cutters
  • 20 g modeling Chocolate
  • 12 g of gumpaste ( a total 32g clay)
  • small offset spatula
This method is quite similar, because your taking each petal to form the rose as before but you will need to combine and roll out the modeling chocolate and cut out the petals...remove each one from the collective five and place them individually on the rose bud first. The trick here is to roll the dough out to the perfect thickness first.
Ready for the cutter

Ball tooling the cut and separated petals. Aim for just the
top of the petal rolled like a balloon or mushroom
shape...not so much the bottom because it is
going to wrapped and most likely removed 
after placed to work the flower into the shape you

Here is the bud, tear drops become flower buds xxoxx
 You will now take one of your petals and wrap it around the top of the rose bud, to cover the top completely I hope you can get a sense of how small and tight this should be
it weighs less than 1 gram..:) so tiny!

You will continue the same order of odd numbers as in method #1, placing the petals on the rose or... you can line each 
petal in this fashion give the petals the right hight...
I saw this on Pinterest...
A set of five petals for the second row
of petals, (looks like lunch meat..I'm getting hungry o_0) 
just place the bud carefully in
the center, same as we did when placing the 
second petal on the bud and wrap the petals 
around. Tucking the last petal under first.
Easy right? 

looking at a rose in nature 
the symmetry is circular in its circumference, but the petals aren't the same...everyone of them are 
rarely without a spit or some imperfection, but soft and subtle.
    The two methods side by side... left is #1 and #2 is on the
    right. I think the cutters give a cleaner looking petal if
    it's not handled too much and manipulated too thinly.
    I still find the 1st one appealing
    because I can make a flower quickly and several at
    a time or just a few buds and have a sweet bouquett...
    I think I'll go do that now :) until next time!


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