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Chocolate Monday Notes:Modeling Chocolate Recipe/Methods 1-2-3

Hello I'm very excited for February, which is a sign of a huge shift for me.
Today I'm going to share how I make modeling chocolate.  Where I found the Recipes, I use to Make Modeling Chocolate.
I've told you how much I love this medium for creating flowers, covering cakes and other decorations! It's very easy to make your own and it taste really good. I discovered that to help cover some cakes or make toppers/figurines, it's good to mix the clay with fondant or gum paste. I haven't tried it yet but tylose powder can be added for a more stable clay.
Clean Hands ;)
A medium to large bowl (microwave safe if your're using the microwave)
A microwave and food safe container
Large Spoons and Spatuala
Wax or parchment paper
Plastic baggies or container for storage

Top; ready to use modeling chocolate
Below; buttercups, roses from molds and a cut out
purple heart

You Tube
Vlogger Dawn Meehan- Chocolate Modeling Clay Recipe

12 oz. Chocolate Melts
1/3 c. Clear corn Starch

  • Melt the Chocolate in the microwave( at 50%) or double boiler...leaving quite a bit of the chocolate melts in shape, to stir in. meaning don't stir or melt all the chocolate in the microwave or the double boiler.
  •  Next use a food grade color if you like to color the chocolate or you can buy the colors you want and skip this step.
  • Finally pour in the corn syrup into the center of the chocolate. Stir in the corn syrup it will quickly change to clay. Once it's combined place on a piece of parchment or wax paper. Leave it there for an hour. Knead it and and let it set for a hour/over night before using and working it into your creations.

Cake Style Modeling Chocolate Recipe and Method...Vanessa makes this a little differently, I believe mainly because it's a larger amount of clay. She also talks about how to mix different types of chocolates like Ghirardelli or Lindt chocolate with melts to get a more flexible chocolate clay to cover cakes or other crafted cake decorations! I have watched that video umteen times and I just recalled that fact this last time collecting it here for you and me on Chocolate Monday! Her husband Jon give a excellent tutorial on how to cover sculpted cakes on you tube as well.

The Recipe
Around 2 1/2 lb Chocolate Melts or a mix of Real Chocolate
1 c. of Clear Cornstarch

  • Melt the Chocolate in the microwave( at 50%) or double boiler...leaving quite a bit of the chocolate melts in shape, to stir in. Meaning don't stir or melt all the chocolate in the microwave or the double boiler. You want to temper the chocolate, controlling the heat by not letting the microwave do all the work. We think when the heat goes off the food stops cooking ...not the case especially when it comes to sugar and chocolate.
  • Heat the corn syrup as well at 20 second increments ... you just want the chocolate and the syrup to be around the same temperature(body temp.) so they will combine more easily. So just touch them and feel if they are around the same temperature.
  • Also at this point she adds coloring to the syrup...that's if you know you have a project that's using all one color. Pour the colored syrup in a steady stream into the middle of the chocolate. Then stir to combine most of the color.
  • Let it sit on the parchment for an hour. Knead the clay to completely combine the color and place it in a baggie for another hour before you use it. If you are in a hurry set it in the fridge for 20 min., not more because it won't be as pliable or save you time in creating your work of art!

Jessica Harris Cake Design  I mentioned Jessica before in another post last yr. Wonderful work on her blog. This particular post of interest is about how to work around the clay when it turns out...wonky:0
What you don't want!..water droplets somehow got into the bowl
I really don't know how maybe my hands, in the bowl, either way water
is the enemy of chocolate melting. Meticulous eyes that's what you need.
So this is useful for snacking or decorative crumb around a cake, so do
not throw it out!

Several things I liked about Jessica and her post she's very thorough in covering every angle of decorating cakes with modeling chocolate  Sharing how to mix the different ratio's for the corn syrup to melts and how to mix Modeling chocolate with other mediums like gum keep the gum paste keeps it from getting porcelain like. To get the modeling chocolate thinner for draping Jessica told me to mix 50/50.
Which is another great thing about her blog and the other vloggers I've featured in this post is they are very interactive and helpful.

Craftsy I love Crafsy...They have a wonderful selection of classes I can use, free tutorial and classes. Their isn't one thing I don't like about gotta give them a try. This link leads to the articles to storing and coloring as well as the above recipes techniques and tips on making modeling chocolate.

From the left colored gum paste and colored modeling chocolate
chocolate ready to become petals

Try to make the modeling Chocolate on your own or with your child, like Dawn did, so cute and fun.

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