Chocolate Mondays: Heart 2 Heart

Nope this is not a homage to the 80's show Heart to Heart ... No Robert Wagner or Mysteries here(loved that show btw!). I'm Hosting a workshop for "Respect for All Week" It's an effort to encourage kids to be buddies not bullies. We all can use a lesson in being humble, kinder and compassionate from time to time. We get stuck on "why" children do something, instead of "what" we can do to help children manage their inner self so we see less and less of cruel outward behavior. Understanding how to meet a child where they live...what makes them tick. Everyone wants to be loved...bottom line, but not everyone knows how to give or get it!
A Tried and true way to get people being more friendly is a gesture of kindness or appreciation...specially made for them. When that happens to someone unexpectedly, sometimes they open get to see the inner core of the person that's underneath all the ruff and tuff exterior.  Below are a few of the treats I'm suggesting as home made gifts that I hope parents can easily make with their children..almost anyone really. Using a few ingredients that aren't very costly and we sometimes have in our pantry or refrigerator. Inexpensive, Accessible ingredients and supplies.

Chocolate Pretzels are really good for you. They have that fiber that you need to be about 24 grams or more, iron, zinc and folate. Only thing is the watch your portions. I found so many ideas on Pinterest to jazz them up for Valentine, but I loved this one because of the colored hearts and the minimal effort to make a lot in a few min. not to mention packing them up for gifts. I took an extra step in making chocolate modeling clay instead of the candy heart decorations because I'm so in-love with  modeling clay!

I used modeling Chocolate for the pretzels.
I didn't see the point of buying more
candy when I have the ability to make it.

Candy # 1 Chocolate pretzels
25- 30 Pretzels
12 oz. Simi-sweet chocolate (melted)
add napkins or tissue paper
a card and walla! 
Using a fondu, melt chocolate.
  1. Melt the chocolate and scoop into a sandwich baggie...While the chocolate melts..move on to step 2.
  2. Cut parchment/wax paper to fit on the cookie sheet. Line your pretzels on the cookie sheet.
  3. Snip off the tip of the bag with a pair of scissor. and squeeze a nice sized glob of chocolate onto the middle of the pretzels. Then quickly place your candy on top of the chocolate.

line your pretzels so they are easier to decorate
Here's a link how I make Modeling Chocolate

Another Idea is to dip one side of the pretzels in the chocolate.
We tried to make Totoro! not quite but still cute and delicious!

Vintage Candies

I'm 99% certain I found this recipe in one of these two books...about 3 yrs. ago... Easy Easy cooking and a sweet treat. In the heart pictures I added less than 1/2 tsp. of butter to 1/2 of chocolate and it seized...good I thought. I just scooped out pieces and made little balls of some and patted out some of it and used the same cutters to make a semi-sweet contrasting layer. My friend says it reminds her of a Leche candy! If you make these whomever the recipient is...they'll at least be your good friend for a long time...I guarantee!
 Michele's Good Reads

Candy #2 Sweet Life Strawberry Heart

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper
and set aside.   
1 c. red colored Sugar
3 oz. of cream cheese
¼ c. strawberry preserves
red gel food coloring
3 c. powdered sugar

The kit of ingredients

The candy should look like clay...I love clay...don't I?? ;D

1.Pour the colored sugar into a bowl and set aside
2.In another small bowl combine cream cheese, preserves and paste food coloring.
3.Gradually add powdered sugar and continue to stir until it is well blended with the cheese and coloring.
4.As the mixture thickens start to knead the mixture with your hands. Roll out onto prepared wax/parchment paper, dusted with powdered sugar.
5. Using a heart cutter(dipped in powdered sugar) cut out hearts or any shaped you want..even letters to spell out someones name or the word you want to say...Thanks... maybe ;)
6. Store in the refrigerator.

We stacked some lovey dovey hearts
with Strawberry preserves inside,
added chocolate and drizzled with
more preserves...Romantic & YUM!!

If you can get some disco petal
it's edible and soo

Try something new, ask questions and get messy...these are the foundations of learning! If you want to make something and have a question email me so I can help you feel confident about your creations.


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