Chocolate Mondays: Cacao Shopping

Hello Everyone...You know 
Last week while I was out I made time to check out another Organic
Market in Queens on Broadway around 34. Sorry for being so vague! The place is hopping by the way around 11:30 I think it's all because of the gourmet Buffet and of course all the other goodies they have. Like a wall of Chocolate! I love finding the unexpected and even with Queens wacky street number system that drives the best navigators mad. There are many a treasure in Queens...
Well this place has quite a little selection. Godiva, Lindt... and Chocolates eh hem.. Cacao I'd never seen before. The people at the register seemed quite puzzled at my taking pictures until i told them I was a cake decorator looking for Chocolate to use. Forgot my manners for a second. Always ask and be clear what your doing. 

I honestly couldn't decide at the last min. what to get. I think I will buy the Lindt for 
Chocolate Bark but I did buy the Ghirardelli 100% Cocoa Powder While I decide which Cacao to purchase. I let you know soon!

I used this 100% CA Cocoa for a recent marble pound cake.
Actually the Co. Started during the Gold Rush and they still
make chocolate today. Do you know what Company?

This one was just a little over 4$

3$ the less percentage of cocoa or cacao the less expense

I really have to watch ...the amount of sugar intake. I can almost taste these
just by smelling good...I imagine. I think I'm getting at least

10-11 $ Rupunzel is another organization that encourages growers '
to forgo pesticides, but I want Cacao which isn't heated like cocoa,
which take away a good bit of the compounds we talked about last

9$ I guess nuns in Holland know and love the benefit of Cacao.
I really want the seeds/beans, so I wasn't very tempted to get this one.
I just thought it was an interesting box
Why is she on the box of the box and the cup!? Is she omnipresent? a bit of humor?


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