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Cacao, Cocoa, Chocolate
I love study...learning...education! Why not study about what I love, chocolate (at the top of my short list) and talk about what I learn.
Can anything be more intrigue than cultivation of Theobroma Cacao. Why is it called the food of the Gods and only elite peoples were able to taste it...?? Now we are all gods, because we can all get to drink, taste and wear cacao! So we have this area where everyone is on the same playing field. I like that! Special? Everyone is special enough to have a bit of chocolate or any food that is beneficial. 
Our first project should be to taste cacao from around the world! without leaving home...
Here is a map of where Cacao comes from... I found the map below on a really informative Cybrary, hosted by Cornell University. We can use this as our very flexible guide as I sample, experiment and share here.
What do you notice? It's such small sparatic portions of the world!
and below the equator...but I found another site that has bean
to bar Chocolatiers that use cacao, in Germany, Belgium
Finland and the Czech Republic, most European Countries, maybe there are some imported chocolates here. I'm thinking it'd be near impossible to grow Cacao trees in a green house? 


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