National Ice Cream Day July 16...

Let's say the Month of July OK...??
Here we go.

What is your favorite flavor? Rocky Road, French Vanilla? Hands down Chocolate for me since I was 5!

If you haven't seen "The Ice Cream Show", it's historical video of Ice Cream in America, it is one of my favorites documentaries I  watch it every year. Living in PA, now I'm hopeful they'll do another road trip...I'd love to clear my schedule to go. If you have all 6 parts you'll get so many ideas. Anyhow favorite is Snowball Ice Cream with sweetened red beans,  from a  Hawaiian shop!

Before you sit down to watch the video I suggest you click on over to one of my featured Ice Cream Post. The chocolate cookies are for a huge sweet tooth, but the Ice Cream in the bag is just the right amount of sweet. Just one way to stay cool and learn about one of our favorite delights.

Chocolate Cookies and Butter Pecan

Ice Cream by the Bag?

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream (no-churn)


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