Ice Cream Cakes

Ice Cream Cakes are at the top of my list of Cake Treats. You can simply fill layers of cake with ice cream or make intricate layers of cake and ice cream in stages of freezing.  I know it may seem like common sense but you really do need to have a good working freezer that freezes  at or below 0 degree temperatures even in the summer. -10 thru -20 degrees. Keep a thermometer in your freezer to make sure the temperature is steady and not rising so you'll know when there is a problem.

Even if you're not going to make a ice cream cake, freezing cakes is a very savvy way to make sure you have a sweet treat at the spare of the moment. Bake at night when it's cool and no worries of night time nibblers either.

Here's my Sweet Note on Freezing Cakes.


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