Day 8 Candied Fruit

Hello, it's almost a week before you'll bask in the glory of your own candy fruit. If you've been following along, congratulations you're almost at the end of the race...Let's get back to it..
Day 8
drain off your syrup and dissolve 1/3 of a cup of sugar by bringing the syrup to a hard boil.
  • add your fruit,
  • allow the mixture to reach a boil (not boiling)
  • then place the fruit and syrup back in your container to age for 2 days (age 48 hours).
Then repeat again on day(9/1) 10, but leave the fruit to age for 4 days before moving onto the next step. Is your journal helping? My kids like to have a calendar on the fridge., with each stage written out? whatever works best for you?


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