Day 2 Candied Fruit

Here we are again, ready for day two?
The best part of the next 5 days is that it just a repeat of today. No mysteries here. Have your measuring cup, sugar and spatula handy. I want to also mention if you're using other sugar for this project like beet sugar or raw or even honey I'd love to hear about your results. I'll check in here in two days and see how it's going...feel free to post comments and questions.
Day 2
Remove or strain off your syrup and place it in a sauce pan. Heat and dissolve 1/4 c. of additional sugar to the syrup and cover your fruit with the syrup when it reaches a hard boil and all the sugar is dissolved. Cover again and leave for another 24 hours. Today's process will be repeated for days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (The next 5 days) Here's where you mark your calendar and take notes of your fruits changes.

  • Drain syrup, Heat it to a Simmer is what you want and make sure the sugar is dissolved each day.
  • Mark you calendar and journal. if you forget a day or got too's happened to me. I went to the next day with 1/4 c. because adding too much sugar at once takes longer to dissolve and absorb, which can cause sugar crystals...a different kind of candies fruit and not what we are going for. So I needed an extra day or I just went to the next set of days when I had to add more sugar. It worked out good.
Till Saturday...All the best


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