Day 4 Candied Fruit

Hello, it’s day 4 and I’m here to look in on your progress...:D I think it’s a good halfway point before day now you’re seeing  changes in the fruit and the liquid. for now stick with 1/4 c. sugar and dissolve over the heat.
In two days... Day 8, you’ll increase the sugar to ⅓ c.
All you'll be doing from that point is ...
  • Let the syrup boil.
  • Add the fruit which will bring the temperature of the syrup down and let it come "just to a boil" again. It’s a tiny bit tricky...this is where the right tools for the job come in handy.
I'll post day 8 on the 30th in the mean time have fun
Until Saturday here's...
*A Tool Tip. A large metal/silicon mesh strainer with handles makes putting the syrup back in the sauce pan easy, because now the fruit are separated and once the syrup boils you’ll have no problem carefully putting the fruit back in.


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