Chocolate Mint Leaves

Today's post for Chocolate Monday is all about making chocolate leaves. Two reasons to use real leaves for this project instead of cutters or a mold is because they're frugal and edible leaves leave a hint of the herb or flower in the chocolate. Through this post you'll see I've placed a couple of links. One is a list of the leaves or plants, that are non-toxic for use on a pastry and beautiful samples of uses for chocolate leaves.
Chocolate Mint Leaves
you'll need...
Large mint leaves
Tempered Dark chocolate
A silpat or parchment
If You don't want to use mint take a look at edible/nontoxic leaves that will work well for what you're baking. Basil or Rose. Pick, wash and dry the best looking and largest mint leaves. Flatten them if you like, between a paper towel or napkin.

Temper a few ounces of dark chocolate (I used 60% for these leaves) Either paint on the chocolate or place each leaf on the surface of the chocolate. (btw, use the side shown above to have more indentation... in other words use the back of the leaf) Lift and allow to drip off the access. Using a toothpick or skewer, pop any bubbles, make sure  to stretch out the leaf completely in hand or on the silpat and fill in any gaps, with a little dripping chocolate on the tip of the tooth pick.
Glossy Goodness
Place these shiny gems into the fridge. Or freezer until solid to the touch. I use the stems to make a slight crack and peel off the leaf from the chocolate and walla, Chocolate Leaves.
You'll love the mint scent and hint of mint flavor of these, provided you like mint and chocolate. I do as long as chocolate is the dominant flavoring.
Looking at these leave we see a good indentation and range of sizes. I missed a few bubble which gave me a more, organic feel for the way leaves are naturally, with bug holes and stages in growth for this type of mint.
I thought it would be fun to have some samples of fall leaves. Green or any color is good but make sure to use
Gel colors and not the liquid food dye used for Easter eggs.
White chocolate leaves
Use a sharp tool to clip off access chocolate, while the leaves are still chilled. Now the only thing left to do is place them on a cake, cupcakes or cookies.

Minty leaves with lemon butter cream filling
sandwiched between two chocolate soft
sugar cookies

Bon Appetit!


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