Cookie Page: Goals and Links to Cookie Recipes

Cookies... lil' cakes! Let me just say, cookies are my favorite pastry!
 This page from this point on will be devoted to every kind of cookie I can imagine and find. Especially if it has Chocolate.
So hold on to your cookie sheets and spatula's this could get a bit...messy...but always delightfully tasty!
Vegan peanut butter

Below is a list of cookies and bars  I love. Some are rich and others are mild...maybe even good for you. As I quickly snap a picture of them before they are swept away and gobbled up, I will post them here. In there own little separate post showcasing their wonderfulness! 

Cookie List

Cookies and Cream
almost any cookie can be used
to sandwich delicious strawberry
chocolate and vanilla cream 
My favorites are
Drop & Slice Cookies
Fancy Tea Service Cookies
  • Oatmeal Lacies
  • Chocolate Florentine
  • Linzer( jam filled type cookies)

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