Chocolate Monday's: Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Chips

Today is Chocolate Monday...Holidays mixed with real life routines can be like mixing oil with water. So I have devised a short list to make Seasonal Celebrations more or less Celebratory!  

Sugar Cookies with Chocolate Glaze and Chocolate
Modeling clay
1. Have a Plan. (divide the cookies to decorate...Someone got a little carried away)
2. Nix the Plan for Abstract Edible Art!
3. Laugh a lot!
4. Eat your results or Share with a friend (don't forget your mail and sanitary workers)
5. When all else fails an old favorite will come to the rescue! 
6. Don't forget to get out and play...yea, it's cold...5-10 min. is refreshing just to walk, run or ride and shoot back in for a bit of tea or hot cocoa!

Mint Tea sweetened with our new product Pomegranite Sugar
are so delish with Sugar cookies!!! Just a touch of sweet balance.
Remember to Stop and Smell the Sugar Flowers
Intoxicating with Love!

Happy Chocolate Monday

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