Chocolate Mondays Christmas:More... Cookie Pix, A Sugar Cookie Recipes...

The year is almost finished! 
When I look over my pictures...I think wow wee! No wonder I'm exhausted! 
Last week alone I made the Amazing Gumball cake and worked on quite a few cookie orders. A request for Vanilla cake... Covered in Chocolate Modeling Clay. I've had the most interesting conversations with people about Vanilla and Chocolate, which spurs me on to my other ideas and experiments. I'm excited for the New Year with all the flavors of life.

I want to talk about using Sweet cream butter verses using Sweet cream salted butter. With all of my cookie dough for Christmas Eve Baking is in the freezer...the sugar cookie dough, ginger bread, snicker doodles, butter cookies, chocolate chips and Vegan peanut butter!  I used mostly sweet cream butter. I'd read this article, where the author talked about all the hype and haze over salt control by using unsalted butter. I'd always baked with it before until I discovered unsalted and other recipes that used it. I'd never really noticed before until the article the flavor difference. Although the pastries were good. There is a noticeable difference in the final product and taste when you are made aware of it. 

Recently I came across the Sister blog and Laura used salted sweet cream butter in her sugar cookies. I tried her sugar cookie recipe and it actually turned out wonderful. I posted it below and their site for more detailed instructions.  I liked the buttery flavor that comes thru in the cookie. She also used baking powder, where as I used baking soda in the recipe I've used for yrs. . So since it's so similar to mine I may just switch out the baking soda from now on. One other thing, I added drops heavy cream to Laura's recipe because the dough needed she said it might but mentioned milk, but I had the cream on hand.  The end result  is a really good balanced cookie..buttery, sweet, crisp and tender.  Sweet cream salted butter is a good product to experiment with...salt does enhance sweetness if done thoughtfully, it will make all the difference in your baking.
Below are more of our Ginger bread and Sugar Cookie creations. If you try the recipe and want to give them as gifts click here for the Recipe card 
I posted for you.

1 c. Sweet cream Salted butter
1 c. sugar
1 Tbsp. Vanilla
2 eggs
2 tsp. baking powder
3 c. flour

1. Cream Butter and sugar until light(fluffy)
2. Blend in vanilla and eggs well
3. Mix Flour and Baking Powder, Stir into Sugar
and eggs mixture.
4. Don't Chill. Roll out an Cut out. Bake in
350 F oven. 8 -10 min


I love seeing all the families getting ready to gather together for the holiday/winter break. Family is so precious. All our efforts to express that preciousness is what the season is partially about! I am enjoying my me time too.. thinking out all that I want to do. It refreshes me! I hope you enjoy your Holiday too! 

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