Petit Four Glaze: Chocolate instead of Fondant

Bella Chocolat

Hello chocolate Lovers!
Did you know chocolate acts as an antibacterial in the mouth and protects against tooth decay? My daughters dentist even recommended Chocolate for her so she doesn't pull out her appliance, with candy like caramel...though my caramel is quite soft...which is up for debate.
Petit four means little oven...Hopefully I'll get a better understanding studying french with my son. Fortunately you don't need a little oven to make these precious treats. I found so many glaze recipes for petit four, until I came across this chocolate glaze I'm sharing today. The recipe for the Chocolate Glaze. My first attempt well is just so histerical. That old saying "if at first your don't succeed try, try and try until you get it right." I love this recipe for the glaze and the almond cake.

Chocolate Glaze 
8oz. Chocolate 
6 Tbsp butter 
1Tbsp. Shortening 

Melt the chocolate the same as tempered chocolate, because if its melted too much the oils separate. Keep hot water simmering to keep the glaze warm as needed. 
 1. Mix the chocolate, butter and shortening in a heat proof bowl. Place over barely simmering water until the mixture is just melted, stir and set aside. Keep the water available simmering to keep the chocolate warm. 
 2. Take the petit fours from the fridg. Place each of the cakes on a rack over the pan with the parchment. checking that the flattest side of the cakes are up. 
 3. Using a Ladle or measuring cup just pour over the top of each cake. Checking the sides. You can scrape the cookie sheet and reuse the glaze but if you want a less shear coat make a double batch of the glaze. 
 4. Chill the cakes again and prepare some royal icing or other decorations. 
 5. Decorate the chilled cakes…eat immediately or keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. For more on the actual cake, filling and royal icing follow this link to the Joy of baking.. 

I really loved the way the chocolate glaze covered the petit
fours on the first coating. I didn't need to cover them twice.
I only needed to be quick with my off set spatula, so the sides
would get covered and then touch up the sides.
brush off the crumbs and pick the
better side ;D

The chocolate really melds well with the almond cake, caramel and apple butter I used for the filling. It was reminiscent of a candy apple...without the lock jaw, Delicious!  Use a real pound cake recipe or  the recipe  from The Joy of Baking (link above). It is more like a cookie dough consistency and there isn't any leavening in the dough. Just remember like most cookie dough batters, they cook fast...and the ones in the picture are a bit toasty The filling and frosting took care of that and the tiny crisp gave them a nice texture. I had the pleasure of making a cake sized version of these for a Thanksgiving Dinner.

practice makes perfect
Ciao Bella Chocolat!


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