Chocolate Notes

My favorite timeless children's book which talks about how the ice trade brought cacao to the US or visa/versa, is Cocoa Ice

How to Cook that is hosted by Ann Reardon.How to make Chocolate gives great information on how to make chocolate candy from bean to bar, but she also shows at the end of the video how to make chocolate candy from cocoa powder, using cocoa butter! Interesting and delicious! This one is especially for my Friend Rosalyn Henderson, who generously shared her chocolate covered peanut candy, which was mixed with two types of chocolate, yum! We love a sweet and easy going Chocolaty experiment.

Finally, this web site poses the question I've long ago answered for my mind, "Is chocolate good for you?" It just further confirms what I've known since my first taste of excellently crafted chocolates! Chocolate goes beyond tasting good, it is good for you...
Most things in moderation are good.


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