Easy way to make Brown Sugar!

Have you ever been to printmandala.com ? You can print out mandala. I was introduced to them several month ago, only to see a usefulness to them...other than rote therapy of repetitive motions. Good mix of pattern ideas for cakes or crochet. I was reading a post about washing dishes creating the same type of repetition therapy. Putting you in a state where thoughts can flow or you can direct them in a fun creative way. Finally something I'm already in the know of.  Some of my best ideas or inspiration came during washing dishes. After crocheting  weaves out tension of the days events my mind releases a flow of good thoughts.

Speaking of "good" thoughts. For the next few weeks I'm going to share my favorite condiments! I thought about all the money saving ideas out there, but I like to put my simple sweet spin, on money saving. well its more like having your ownprodution line, and you get to decide what goes in the final product.
Everyone has things in their house that are special, sacred. I know I do. I'm going to share those sacred items for my kitchen pantry. The children know even if they can't understand...this condiment is ask first...or the planned muffins or cake? canceled!
Vegan Brown Sugar
Today I'm starting with Brown sugar. I love this condiment. Mixing my iron fortified molasses with a non-nutritional valued condiment.  It's best in Oatmeal with fruit, and pineapple upside down cake!  Molasses makes this my number #1 condiment on my list.
Depending if I'm making cakes/sweets determines how much sugar I use. If you are vegan like my 1st daughter you will need to process the granules of organic or raw sugar to granulated sugar consistancy,  to absorb the molasses, which will only take a few seconds.
I'm not being paid for using product seen here...as a matter of fact I just like the container, so I just fill it with whatever sugar I want. Sugar and molasses is all the ingredients you need to make brown sugar. Use your favorites Or what your pocketbook allows 😉

1.clean hands or rubber gloves for those who don't like the feeling of stickiness ;)
2.a large mixing bowl (space to work in the sugar)
3.air tight container with a top!
4.bullet or blender to process raw sugar for a few pulses

2 c. Granulated sugar
1/3 c. (Or more depending if your making dark brown sugar)

Make it like this:
1. Pour your sugar into a large bowl. Create a small well for the molasses.
2. Pour the molasses into the well of sugar and cover with the granulated sugar. Begin to mix and squeeze to combine the two sugars until they are one cohesive mixture of moist not wet brown sugar.
*The consistancy of wet sand, perfect for sand castles. It should hold the shape of your hand.

*Cooks Note... I eyeball the sugar and the molasses. based on my experience. If you find the mixture too wet, then add a bit more sugar a little at a time or if it's too light carefully mix in more molasses.

Disclaimer; Be forewarned this brown sugar is light years yummier, than what you buy at the supermarket. That said Chocolate Mondays and Co. are in no ways liable for any addictive behaviors such as but not limited to eating it strait as a side dish and so forth. Please eat/use modestly and all will be well. Enjoy!!


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