The Chocolate Lover's Birthday Dream!

It's chocolate Monday...what did I do? Played with Chocolate modeling clay. Coloring, cutting, rolling....
I really wanted to demo the Chocolate flower heart today..My son's birthday cake took over my brain...and the pictures for the demo didnt make it from my son the photographer's ipad this time to my hopefully next week. 
A sneak peak at the Poke' Ball and two  favorite Pokemon...Pikachu, never get out of favored with this kid, who drew a wonderful poster of Pikachu and Ash in his eyeball. He is a brilliant artist and his perspective developed at an early age. I'll update with his poster as soon as I find it. Most of their work is packed away. I want to be sure they have their favorite pieces of art and trinkets to go in their new space. We have moved so much and lost so much, more times than I can count or want to redo. So I'm doing my part to create a clearer view by communicating with each of the children about what create the feeling of happy trials. So they can trust This time shall be better! Just like every time I make a cake. I create something better than the last. 
 Some things do take more consistant concentral ed practice and effort like my photography. Still the whole point for us is to celebrate my son's life, his being a part of this family and fun ,fun, fun, fun, fun. What's more fun than a summer day, with my kids going crazy with appreciaton, over something I made with my little hands. Making him happy makes me very happy. I think he loves chocolate more than me. The Poke' ball  is Xtra Special Cake from Pilsbury's Alpha Bakery Booklet. They put the order form on the bag every year! I consider the cake vegan, because there is no dairy at all. I just mixed in chocolate chips,  chocolate filling, butter cream and covered it all with modeling chocolate.
I can't leave out that  his younger sister and brother used their even smaller hands to dye to chocolate, mix cake, oil and flour the pan and cut grass.  His 1st sister help me buy yet another 3 bags of white chocolate, 6 lb. all together I've bought! The first 2 lbs. I'm was making good use of what I have(no microwave..I don't even like them, lol) and got distract, by my three boys..heat testosterone, need i say more? ugh 😨😒 The second 2 lbs! humidity finally caught up to me! Melt it in the pot says a neighbor, and add a little milk...nooo!  I did. too loose. no worries filling! With 8 more days to go. Grocery squeeze..trying to justify 6-13 dollars to my hubby! He's not buying it, no! We're not buying it.
I'm not a easy one to give up especially for something  I love, my son, my passion, and chocolate. My first daughters words, "that boy is annoying...not getting!" She's been thru almost everything with me and actually gets me and is sooo supporting She's a darling))🎵
I asked for her help and she did above and beyond what I asked. We had a ton of fun going to get the chocolate and making the modeling clay...I think she really was thrilled with how fast it came together. I'd forgotten she loves white chocolate...I'm not a fan but i can file that away for a special treat, just for her one day, since she doesn't eat sweet that often.
In some way almost all 10 of us had something to do with this cake, we care Happy Birthday and Many more! which is what family is about. Love thru caring.
So, what did you do for Chocolate Monday?
Make everyday a great day no matter the chaos, press on.


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