How I'm Chillin on Hot-Muggy Chocolate Mondays

Hello Friends,
   Ok you can tell by that greeting I have kids! Little Bill episodes still dancing in my apologies, yea... Anyway. What did you do for Chocolate Monday?? What good came your way or not so good but you were able to turn it around?  "Make it work!," as Tim Gunn always admonishes.
My Chocolate Monday...began too early but since I was up. I decided to try my newest discovery, using a mason jar to whip up my smoothies. First time out my Favorite Chocolate Ice cream found here.Ice Cream list and here.Chocolate ice cream recipe
Oh my goodness, how fantastic is one banana a tsp. of cocoa and a blender?! I brought some Hershey's syrup. Wait let me tell you why I brought the syrup, not just for laziness.  I went to the McDonald's  in Queens, on 21st St. near my son's school. Good service worse Chocolate chip cookies. Ok, I order for the first time an iced coffee. Once you get to know me curiosity about all the hype, will bring me around a day later...more like after it's still got steam after a yr.! So the manager on duty runs down all the flavors they add, in his thick latin accent. Since my face gives away that I didn't catch the last one, this amazing guy! Walks over to the flavorings and says...hazel nut! We laughed and I say oh, no thank you...may I have chocolate...he says sure! Let me work it out on the register for the price. 1.50 something! You want sugar?, just the chocolate. So he goes on to say "you let me know if you want sugar after I fix it.
Plus he is doing several other things. When he comes over shaking my drink... he give me a straw and ask me to taste it for sweet enough! It's perfect. Now I'm elated!  This stuff's good. Now why'd I buy the syrup, because I got mad when I went to another McDonald's and they wouldn't give me the chocolate?  Finally one girl asked the manager if she could switch out the vanilla for chocolate for me! "Yes,"she said...I think she put less than a tsp. And i paid closer to  2$! Uh huh! So I went back there yesterday with my dd, with my own chocolate that I keep in my purse now and bought a plain cafe' with cream. Walked over to the condiments. Opened my cup and my dd got into the act too and walla! I have my own mocca iced cafe' on the go...for months, if I I got the syrup on sale! My lesson in all that is if your gonna get mad do something constructive, for everyone concerned...when possible you know what I mean! We got such a tickle out of having the chocolate the way we wanted it! My dd enjoyed her strawberry lemon cafe' with chocolate too. Perfect for a summer travel on the muggy subway :D


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