Chocolatey Perspectives

Top Left:Blue Chocolate Modeling clay flower and leaves, Bottom left: Chocolate modeling clay flowers created using rose molds and Right: Torquoise pearl royal icing,  and chocolate flower on Happy Glad Chocolate Frosting, a crumb coat of  buttercream all on a chocolate mini cake.. Crazy good. 
As for a Chocolatey perspective. I've long been convinced chocolate the 60 % and up kind are just as good for your blood as a small glass of red wine. I've noted it's affect on my physical and mental state. The less sugar tolerable the better. I found some interesting information about Chocolate/ Cocoa and Coffee. There is no caffeine in Chocolate. This is good news because caffeine the drug that it is,  dehydrates the body.  I started my research with this Article on Xocoatl Chocolate: Facts or Fiction. Maybe you might find it fascinating too. For enquiring minds. The recipe below has a good amount of sugar, but it can easily be adjusted and other sweeteners that have more health benefits can be implemented to get an even better product.

Happy Glad Chocolate Frosting Recipe:
1 stick of butter
2/3 cocoa powder ( i used dark)
1/3 almond milk 
3 c. 10x sifted
1 tsp. Vanilla
Melt the butter stir in cocoa then alternate stirring in Milk and 10x. Then Stir in the vanilla. 

All things in moderatio├▒, be well!


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