Hand Painted Mini Cake

Hand Painted on Modeling Clay
Chocolate cake

Happy Chocolate Monday :)
 I took a free hand painting class offered on Craftsy so today I want to share my experience painting and working with modeling chocolate. I now know how to bring all those lovely flowers I've photograph, to life on my cake creations, not to mention other fun patterns! I made this painted mini chocolate cake to compliment a dear friend's garden tea for 5 people. She was so tickled! Although this is my first attempt I am pretty please with the results. The modeling chocolate was really the biggest challenge getting the right thickness or thinness. Then placing it properly on the cake. More math and other important cake design skills, please! Gratefully found here on you tube with  Chef Alan Tetreault and John of Cake Style

This particular Class "Hand Painted Cake" is for beginner.  First I was impressed with the thoroughness of the class. The list of supplies and the steps being divided in a sequence that's easy to follow. If you miss something you can put the class on repeat. I also like the feature for taking notes that's stops the video where you need to come back. Before the actual application of the transfer the instructor, Erin Schaefgen taught to rub a thin layer of shortening on the surface of the modeling clay using a paper towel.  I didn't prepare the modeling chocolate by rubbing shortening on the surface, which may be the reason the paint didn't bead. I figured since there was so much oil in the clay to begin with, leave it like it is. Also the color may not have beaded up because the heat broke a bit. 

I Loved the painting process choosing and mixing the colors and putting the colors on the modeling chocolate. After posting this on Craftsy one person commented , she was surprised the colors didn't bead. I asked on the board of the class if anyone had tried using modeling chocolate instead of fondant? I really wanted to try it and see what happened, so by the time I'd collected all my supplies I moved forward without any response from anyone. Sometimes we ask questions and forget we can try and know for our self. That the great part of being is appreciating our efforts and seeing the turnout. I'm happy with the turn out, which isn't always the case...so I'll try again. Either way I enjoyed creating this a great deal.

**Since I first blog this I came across another blogger Jessica, that said another way to paint on modeling clay is with pedal dust and vodka...or lemon juice. I've tried the method on candy flowers and the colour is very vibrant. The link below will lead you to Jessica's blog and she has a great Q&A on how to make your own modeling clay and how to avoid or fix any issues..**
Jessica Harris Cake Design

Go have a Great Chocolate Monday :D


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