Before and After... It's Not a Disaster!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...maybe you know or have heard of it...there's no such thing as perfect...excellence.. yes. Perfect implies no flaws, mishaps on the way everything went perfect as planned! The little critic in the back of our mind is thinking...somethings going to go wrong now for sure! Excellence is different, to me it's the best part of us, when we're at the top of our game, pushing through all kinds of obstacles and breaking down all kinds of inner misconceptions. Giving the very best of you and loving it! It can be a scary venture, the uncertain part, yet very exciting. One can't help but feel alive and thrilled when you get into the zone and you're a frosting pipping machine because you finally comprehend the hand motion or precision required to create the look you so want to present! Practice makes excellent work seem perfect!
Chocolate Mini Cups before frosting
Today I want to talk about before and after!
Below in the first four pictures, the sweet Itty bitty flowers at the top, were intended to decorate my petit fours. The first petit fours look even more monstrous with the flowers. In my opinion, perfect for a hollowed eve! The second set look much better suited for a tea party, because the cake had more structure. To me it came together more like a cookie dough. The glaze is better too using Chocolate, milds out some of the sweetness. Recently I learned of a way to make the glaze with a candy thermometer almost the same as making caramel. So I have another option depending on the need at the time, because no dairy is required and if the person request sweet sweet i can adjust it.

First attempt...cake didn't hold up
they look scary
Real almond cake recipe and
creamier chocolaty glaze! Yum
Made from scratch Carmel filling  and
Apple butter, just remember to brush off the crumbs!
Distractions will come: I find that order is a necessary platform for baking success. Prep lists or Mise en Place! Takes time to write, but they save time. Without it I feel so chaotic! Another way to keep order is focus toward the final outcome. Thinking about how to bring about the final product takes a bit of planning, but practice or trial runs will help you see what you miss, time needed and other adjustments.  I love tools and gadgets...the right tool for the right job, makes for light getting many hands to assist in some way. A excellent tool to keep the focus as you work on the outcome is a timer! invest in several! Some come in such cute can't help remember to set it. I would say, a good cook has at least 3. I love the one on my scale...great feature.

Purple, orange, Pink and white Chocolate modeling clay
A lot of kneading, rolling and manipulating take
take place to get the desired topper or cover. 
Zoe waiting to be place on her cake

Gift to a really tough but fair teacher!
Almond Paste for Marzipan

Last year the glazed marzipan snowman featured, in a free circular for Christmas, really inspired these creations. I wasn't in love with the off white color(not a fan of yellow snow) so I was really happy to learn how to make modeling chocolate cleaner snow! The earlier photos weren't all that great, I didn't have such a great camera. Practice and another camera, made the difference in this before and after, nice. The modeling chocolate is also easier on the budget and with pleasing results. I'm pretty impressed with the progress. 
Our best tools are clean hands, they can create all kinds of beautiful things. Tools used for non-eatable clay can alternately be used, for chocolate modeling clay and marzipan. Some gadgets are just nice to have but others make a projects

Here are two more before and after I'm not even going to say which came first ...
maybe you can tell

Just keep Creating, Till next time

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