Monday of Rememberance

I know it's Tuesday? I posted on my Tumblr...but yea I wanted to post my Chocolate Monday thought today in retrospect to a Monday of Rememberance! Everyones lifes isn't always picturesque/ ideal..holidays have a way of putting the spotlight on "reality." If you know what I mean. 
What helped make your Memorial  Monday comforting? Did you take a stroll hand in hand with someone you love, or gather all the fixins you could to welcome family you haven't seen in ...yrs?   What was the highlight that you gleaned to begin or continue to heal and honor your love one (s), who've touched your life while making the country safer for all of us! I hope you can hold on to that good in the days ahead. I personally reflect on many things...mostly what is good in my life. The little nuisances seem so trivial compared to all the sacrifices made to be able to enjoy something as sweet at a meal for two, dessert, peace and quiet if only minutes at a time! Most importantly a stay of safety in the midst of a often times kaotic world! So thank you to all I know and hold dear for all you've done in my life and to all I will never know personally,  who've made those liberties possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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