Luving, Living in the Fast lane?

Howdy! I have been having such a good week! Finding ways to sneak in more quality time with my sons and daughters. My seventeen year old and I are finding a median( my son reminded me of the math term) A grounding has turned into an opportunity to learn more about each others bounderies...oh yea! My eighteen year old is handling not having his phone for a week, better. My fourteen year old is doing better keeping in touch and letting me know his plans ahead of time. Me I've taken myself to Central park for an hour and Bedfords East River Doc!
Monday Started off good then there was That ruff patch with the N, Q AND 7 come to a complete stop, on account of a electric or "technical" problem. Me..scrambling in my head and calling all resources to figure out the quickest way to get from Manhattan to Queens in a NY min. The E...F? I ended up taking the E to Queens Plaza and walked over to 21st and 41st to get the 100...ooops contraction on 21st No biggy I was miraculously 5 min. Later than usual!  Once I arrived at son's school...he offered me a melted hershey kiss that been partially eaten, waiting for me he got ancious? I knew then everything was A. O. K.!  Its Chocolate Monday! It's not always what you know but who you know...The aid at the front desk was on the ready being alerted of my train woes...held on to my son and made sure he'd remembered to get his metro card too!
I have to say living in NYC will challenge your adaptabilty. It's as if, something here says well done on the last 20 challenges've graduated on to the next phase...Let's go!
Another parent I know put it poetically "NY is for living outside...there is always somewhere to go or something to do!" You can't just lay about and relax for extended periods of time because this City is like a very energetic child who only goes to sleep to awake with new ideas and experiences to try...pulling and tugging at your psychy! That's at why most people leave the city...There's even a vacation Campaign " Get Out of The City" to fill you or let you release that tention that builds from always pounding the concrete jungles terrain And bumping and grindIng with swarms and drones of people virtually everywhere.
At any rate hope all is well where you call home...Chocolate makes me check in and take in the best of what is good and perfect about my life... the fact that i have 8 kinda troublesome but still wonderful children and a husband that I've doted on and puts up with a lot of my maddness! well thats as perfect as anything for my mind! What
about you?


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