Day 14 Candied Fruit

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Day 14
your syrup should have the consistency of honey. With many fruits it will also have a golden color as does honey but with cranberries it will be a marvelous scarlet.

  • Drain your fruit in a colander saving the syrup and setting it aside.
  • When the fruit is completely drained, dry it for 2-3 days in a warm, dry place or in your oven at it's lowest setting with the door held ajar with a wooden spoon.
  • For air drying fruit I love using parchment and wax paper, but for the oven I used a silpat.
  • For either method stir the fruit on occasion to insure a complete and thorough drying of the fruit.
Candy fruit can be used right away without drying in fruit cakes and cookies. I prefer mine this way for placing on top of cakes and cupcakes too. If you dry them completely you can grind them into a coarse meal to be used as a sprinkle for cakes, breakfast cereals, granola or trail mixes. As for the fruit syrup? When you taste it your imagination will run wild with all sorts of delectable ideas. I use it for glazes for desserts, on ice-cream or pancakes, waffles, fillings...need I say more. Whatever you use it for I know you'll enjoy it. I hope you have enjoyed these post on how to make candied fruit and try this recipe.


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