Mini Cake little Techniques

Happy Chocolate Monday! Don't you sometimes wish that everything you put your hands to, turned out as you invisioned it, the first time? Maybe it's just the perfectionist in me. The funny part is sometimes when I look on the flip side of my worst faux pas, perfect is in the eye of the beholder, with the flaws and mishaps of creativity. The crowd the day of this event loved what they saw.
So I just want to share three techniques I used for a set of mini cakes, spoon waves, piped hydrangea, and scalloped frosting. The cakes are all 4 inches and two layers.

I was showing my mother how to
crumb coat and frost a cake, and she smiled
the whole time. Then she said let me show
you how to spoon frost. It's tempting to
eat..she was delighted using the mold
for roses too.
This little beauty with cascading hydrangea, was bumped about in traveling, she was too big for cup cake holders and too small
for just a box. What to do? This is where one has to think out of the box from start to finish in making and delivery of cakes. Then eat the cake!
I wanted to try this scallop
technique, since I learned about it in

"Cake Craft Made Easy" I told myself
how much easier it would be
with a mini cake. Uh? Easly 

just as time consuming, but still fun. 

Crumb coats to finished cake. Gladly all of them sold and  were enjoyed. To this cake decorators Delight. Perfect!


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