Winter: New Year Chocolate Modeling Clay

Happy New Year. Fresh Start Clean Slate...right. on the eve of the New Year I decided a good way to use up the frosting thats been in my frig for a couple of weeks would be to bake a box cake and practice with chocolate modeling clay, that I made for my son's birthday cake.  Now the clay was perfect the next week after doing some research. I love the many positives. OK so with out further ado here are the pictures... first up is my son's snowman & women theme lol so cute right?  Then my daughter brought to life the snowman I started complete with face, scarf arms and in a top hat, then my pink and green with flowers.. and lastly but not least my daughter's snowy garden for the snowman! GREAT PROJECT. Now I can refresh my royal icing too.  I love the way the chocolate flower turned out!


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