Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chocolate Run...Chocolate Bark and Clusters willl satisfy

I couldn't tell where to put this post. The candy or cookie Page...both? Back in March I posted about fillings for a Parfait. So I used a snicker doodle recipe... made it chocolate... It looked way better than expected. actually  it looked more like a cross between a brownie and chocolate bark. Which put me off on a tangent for chocolate bark...that a healthy thing in moderation...especially since chocolate is a vegetable

What is so weird about the world we live in today is if you have a thought during certain times...nine times out of ten others are on to it too. The last few times I've wanted my favorite chocolate...the store's been out of it! CRAZY right??  When you're dealing with me and chocolate well I will pull out the sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and melt down the chocolate shingles on the roof, if I have too!

Now I know less is more, but when I'm making candy...my creative juices start flowing and it's pretty hard to stop.  Anyway those new dark chocolate clusters that cost 2.39 for 2 oz. of goodness were the inspiration to making my version here.

Stirred, forgot shaken but...freeze for 20 min. I forgot in my
greed to oil the cups first but with a twist and a shout they
all popped out!

I started with melted dark chocolate
"mildly sweetend" it's not the really good stuff
but in a pinch it works. I plucked out all the sunflowers, almonds and a walnut or two from a trail mix. Then
I cut up some apricots and put everything in the ice
cubes tray.

I was disappointed at first that I didn't
stir the fruit and nuts well enough, but then I thought better of it because,
It was really delish. The smoothness of the bitter chocolate, the sweetness of the apricots, crunchy nuts and seeds.
Really tasted more like a delicate brownie.

We at it all 

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