Chocolate Mondays: The making of a Hello Kitty Castle

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This is the Hello Kitty Birthday Cake I made last week.We usually have fun planning and preparing for a celebration together. Not this time my decorating prodigy didn't help, because it was her special day. I love Birthday Surprises


 I started with an 8 inch and 4 inch cake. Torted and filled them with a coconut buttercream, frosting I found.  A pretty simple recipe of butter, 10X and coconut milk, I used lemon extract and wow!  I have to say the flavor is delightfully light. This is another frosting easily converted to Vegan Frosting. Just use vegan sticks.

Once I took into consideration the amount of servings...the design scales down a bit. From 5 tiers to 2 and one tower. This is very girly cake with flowers, terraces etc.  I started with  tiny daisies, pansies, and a few roses using chocolate modeling clay. Next I created the fortified bricks for each tier. When my measurements came up short...I was so glad to be using modeling chocolate, because it melds together so much better than fondant. No crickety, crack, crack for Mama's back! I have to say the Hello Kitty was the most fun to create.
I decided on a dress for her outfit... dressing up is always fun.

In the creative process some of the
flowers didn't make it on the
cake. I think it was a windy day for
Hello Kitty :D
For the pots I melted a bit of a chocolate bar and added drops of corn syrup. Worked like a charm. I had a little yellow modeling chocolate from my last cake, so I used it for sea shell stepping stones to a secret back door to the tower. I used shaped rectangle, square cutters with a texture tool, to helped me come up with a whimsical landscape for the door and stones around the door and the castle. Everything was coming together nicely. I kept popping it in the fridge. as I worked. Then it was time to move on to the tower.

For the Tower I decided to use vanilla cream filled cookies. Toothpicks frosting, stack, stack stack and walla the beginnings of a watch tower. For the top that would support the chocolate shingles, I used cake crumbs and frosting as I would for cake pops. Then shaped it into a cone. A tear shaped cutter worked nicely for about 46 shingles. The Bricks and Mortar (actually frosting and modeling chocolate) of the structure was the easiest part even though It took about 35 min. Although setting it on the first tier,  next to the second tier “straight”, was no walk in the park.  It took digging and leveling and finally stabilizing, thus the ivy growing all around the tower.

As a guiding rule any cake structure 4 inch or more in height, needs support of dowels. One has to consider the size and weight distributed by all the frosting and dimensions … in short math! There is just no escaping math.  Unfortunately I’d run out of supporting dowels and I rarely buy straws these days. So I said my prayers and hoped for the best. Thankfully the cake didn’t have time to sink...very much! But who has time to look at that when every one's devouring it so fast.


Coconut Buttercream Icing


* I whipped my coconut cream to combine the fats and coconut liquid as advised by Jen the Introvert Baker.


1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1/4 tsp. lemon extract
3 cups powdered sugar
7 tablespoons coconut milk


  • Whip the butter and vanilla in a large  bowl, until creamy. Gently beat in the 10X. 
  • Blend in the coconut milk one Tablespoon at a time until the desired consistency is met. 
  • Continue mixing until the frosting becomes thick and fluffy, about 5 minutes. 
*I mixed in 3-5 Tablespoons and I was at the thickness I wanted. How much coconut milk you add, to get the consistency you want, will depend on the humidity in your kitchen. The original recipe is on Baked by an Introvert...

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