Friday, November 6, 2015

Mocha and Dark Chocolate Flavored Frosting

Chocolate buttercream at it's best, My 10yr old baked and pipped these with me!
Ready for her luncheon at school. 

Dark Chocolate Ganache and Buttercream frosting you can see the  difference between this frosting and the cookies above. All because of the type and amount of chocolate.

"Cake Love" by Warren Brown, really helped me comprehend what was involved in making buttercream frosting. The ingredients are simple enough, but the technique seemed a bit of an intimidating venture for me. During my internship we used expensive amounts of butter and then scalding hot sugar...I'm a tad bit clumsy. Who isn't? I needed tools at home. The first time I made it, I surprised myself. It turned out so yummy! The bonus ... i didn't get burnt and it was easier than I thought. Somewhere along the way I soon learned about Ganache. My first impression was, "this tastes like pudding, really rich chocolate pudding!"  Bingo!
 Now Ganache is my favorite way to achieve the chocolate frosting I love! By researching and experimenting I found my chocolate frosting. I use Gretchen Price's  Swiss Butter Cream. I will get back to the Italian butter cream in Warren's book, now that I feel comfortable with the process of making a meringue. But I also love the vintage grandmothers made with butter, powdered sugar and milk, or the Happy Glad Chocolate Frosting I used to pipe roses.

 You can see a Ganache recipes here. at Ehow.  For the fun of it I'm posting a White Ganache that is really good as a cake filler. Just by letting Ganache sit in the fridge. you get truffles. The next venture will be making chocolate candy by starting with the Beans. Imagine the truffles from different beans and using them as gifts or on a cake!  
White Chocolate Ganache
Makes 16.05oz.

1 ¼  c. heavy cream

3 Tblsp. corn syrup
14 oz. white chocolate, broken into pieces, or white chocolate chips( make sure the first ingredients say cocoa butter)
⅓ c. (¾stick) unsalted butter

Pour the heavy cream and corn syrup in a small saucepan then bring just to a boil. Measure the chocolate into a large bowl. Once the cream is getting tiny bubbles around the edge, remove from the heat, and pour it over the chocolate. Let stand without stirring, for 5 min., then stir until smooth.

E how even has a link on how to tint the ganache, uh huh! Can you taste the chocolate rainbow?

My Favorite reads on Baking and Cake decorating
CakeLove How to Bake Cakes from Scratch
Warren Brown gives a thorough demonstration of
how to make Italian Butter Cream also in his you tube video
he gives a very good demonstration

Martha always delivers Beginner to Advanced! I love this book!
Everything, everything, everything a Baker needs to know! So many ways to make whipped cream frosting.

This book is Top of the line and easy to follow how to make Sugar Flowers, stacking, parchment piping bags, fillings and flavoring great find for a decorator! 

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